Who We Are

Forward Through Adversity
Matthew posing in front of the supporter's wall at the Nottingham Football Club.

About Matthew22

What Is Matthew22?

The Matthew22 Fund was set up in June 2022 to raise vital funds for the Bone Cancer Research Trust following the passing of our son and brother Matthew Ben Hollingworth from bone cancer in February of the same year. Sadly he passed away shortly after his 22nd birthday.

Initially set up as a special fund for the Bone Cancer Research Trust, we have run various events, sold a range of merchandise and raised over £25000. We are currently in the process of obtaining charity status for Matthew22 itself, and will continue to carry on the good work we have started.

Becoming a charity in our own rights will mean we can assist and help others raise funds for their charitable causes as well as continue to support our main beneficiary, the Bone Cancer Research Trust. For other charitable organisations a small administration cost will apply.

We are a non-profit organisation and at the end of each financial year our own trustees meet to decide how we distribute any funds we have raised that have not been allocated at the start of an event. All details will be stated on our website and through our newsletter

Why Did We Do This?

Throughout Matthews extensive treatment for 2.5 years he never once gave up hope, he was determined and always positive. We had planned to do some events together as a family and with our close network of friends once his treatment was complete, sadly we never got the chance – but we decided to keep pushing forward and keep his legacy going to raise vital funds to help others through their ordeals and hopefully ensure at least one family does not have to go through the heartache we feel on a daily basis. Please contact us for further information.
Thank you for your support.

Gary Hollingworth (Matthew’s Dad)
Founder of the Matthew22 fund

“Hello, I’m Carolyn and I had the honour of being Matthew’s mum.
When Matthew found out he had cancer I decided to find out as much information about it as I possibly could. My knowledge of cancer was quite limited and bone cancer specifically was non-existent. When I started to look into it I was full of hope, cancer treatments have progressed in leaps and bounds over past years, right? Unfortunately, I discovered that this is not the case for many childhood cancers, and I was shocked to learn that treatments and survival rates for bone cancer patients have not improved in 40 years. 40 years.
Part of the reason for the lack of progress is due to limited of funds for research. As bone cancer is a rare disease it does not get much of a share from the big cancer charities and so little research has been funded. This is why we have decided to set up The Matthew 22 Fund, as money raised will primarily be donated to theBone Cancer Research Trust.
‘Forward through adversity’ sums up Matthew’s determination, positivity, and resilience. He never stopped planning his for his future. Research into bone cancer is improving and there are trials which are showing some promising results. By funding further research, we hope that we can give others the future Matthew should have had.
Whilst we are primarily raising funds for the Bone Cancer Research Trust, Matthew had a wide range of interests and setting up this charity in its own right will give us the opportunity to raise funds for other charities and community groups in his name. We hope that by supporting other charities and
groups we will be able to spread information about Matthew and bone cancer research.
Thank you for all your support”.
Carolyn Hollingworth (Matthews Mum) Secretary of the Matthew22 Fund

Our Trustees

As part of our constitution, we are regulated by a board of trustees, below is an introduction to the trustees who make the decisions for the Matthew22 fund

Name: Daniel Hollingworth (Chair)
Location: West Yorkshire
Email: DanielH.Matthew22@gmail.com

“As Matthew’s older brother and chair of the Matthew22 Fund board of trustees I hope to help organise various fundraising events to support charitable organisations.

I will aim to provide support to other trustees with their fundraising activities and help with the organisation and running of the fund itself”.

Name: Neil Riley (Treasurer)
Location: North East
Email: NeilR.Matthew22@gmail.com

“I hope to use my experience to help promote the Matthew 22 charity, and to increase awareness of Bone Cancer in the North East and beyond”.

Name: Carolyn Hollingworth (Secretary)
Location: West Yorkshire
Email: CarolynH.Matthew22@gmail.com

“As a Trustee of the Matthew 22 Fund I aim to promote Matthew’s
story and information about bone cancer.
By promoting fund raising activities, we will be able to support research
into this underfunded illness
as well as giving to community groups in Matthew’s name”.

Name: Jonathan Hollingworth
Location: West Yorkshire
Email: JonathanH.Matthew22@gmail.com

“Hi, I am Matthew’s twin brother and proud to be a trustee of the Matthew 22 Fund. I am aiming to bring a commitment to supporting the charity in any way possible, and to make sure we are supporting causes that would’ve been close to Matthew’s heart.

I will be spearheading several fundraisers and able to aid Matthew’s close friends in any way they wish to support the charity. I will also be responsible for running the social media of the Matthew 22 Fund, to spread our message as far and wide as possible”.

Name: Louise Holroyd
Location: Midlands
Email: LouiseH.Matthew22@gmail.com

“What I want to bring to the Matthew22 Fund is objectivity, new fundraising ideas and experience of being on both a charity board and a governors board previously.

I want the see the fund grow, flourish and above all raise awareness of Matt’s outstanding courage and the fight people have to go through including their loved ones”

Name: Lindsay Marley
Location: South East
Email: LindsayM.Matthew22@gmail.com

“My heart and soul is with the Matthew22 Fund. As a nurse, providing care to patients, I’ve seen firsthand the heartache of losing someone to different forms of cancer and want to help provide objective fundraising ideas and support in order to help further research and to fund effective long-term treatment for bone cancer”.

Name: Steve Anthony
Location: South Wales
Email: SteveA.Matthew22@gmail.com

“My aim as a Trustee is to bring awareness of Bone Cancer, especially within the younger generation within my area of South Wales as well as the UK in general.

I intend to raise as much Charitable Funds as possible in order to support those affected by cancer and the research into this most devastating disease”.

Name: Graham Mallory
Location: West Yorkshire

“I bring over 40 years’ experience of administration and fundraising
in a charitable organisation.

I want The Matthew22 Fund to be a positive force in supporting all that was valued by the courageous Matthew Hollingworth”.

Name: Paul Hackett
Location: West Yorkshire
Email: PaulH.Matthew22@gmail.com

“With over 25 years experience as a business owner I’m hoping I can utilise and share the knowledge and experience gained.
Raising awareness (especially for the younger generations) has to be top of my agenda through fund raising events as well as promoting the charity through my own business/website and social media.
There is a cure out there. Let’s find it.”

Name: Neil Bond
Location: West Yorkshire
Email: NeilB.Matthew22@gmail.com

“I bring my full support to the Matthew22 Fund in making sure Matthew’s legacy is spread far and wide.

With the various locations of all the other trustees, some of whom have experience in this field, we can help some great foundations to move forward”.

Name: Richard Halford
Location: West Yorkshire
Email: RichH.Matthew22@gmail.com

“As a proud trustee of the Matthew22 Fund I would like to utilise my skills to assist the success of the Fund in achieving our financial and personal goals.

I’m hoping that we can create Matthew a legacy that will help and assist many
others, who may find themselves suffering at the hands of this disease, for years to come”.

Name: Gary Hollingworth (Founder)
Location: West Yorkshire
Email: GaryH.Matthew22@gmail.com

“As Matthew’s father I am hoping my positivity, determination and drive will help to make the Matthew22 Fund a success and give our son the legacy he deserves.

I hope the funds we raise collectively we can help spare just one family the heartache we feel on a daily basis.

I am proud to work alongside the other trustees, all of which mean a lot to me and are close to my heart, we will achieve our goals with this fine team”.