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Wales Darts

Date: 16th-19th June 2023

Wales Darts

Between 16th and 19th June 2023, the Matthew22 Allerton Bywater darts team travelled to Knighton, Wales to take on The Plough in a charity match for the Matthew22 Fund. As part of this tournament both teams took part in a mixture of singles and doubles matches fielding an A and B side.

Captain of the A side, Daniel, commented “we had a wonderful time in Wales competing against a very good darts team. Despite our best efforts we were unable to beat them this time, however, are looking forward to getting revenge next year back on home turf. The Welsh darts team have supported the Matthew22 fund, and we are really grateful for all their help and for organising this charity match.”

Louise Davies, captain of The Plough team, commentated that “it was an absolute pleasure in meeting the team, who were a very friendly bunch of Yorkshire lads, who drank and played their hearts out at darts…yet the result did not go their way! The Welsh showed them how to play and they are looking forward to the return leg in Yorkshire next year.”

Matthew22 darts organiser, Gary Hollingworth, commented: “the weekend was a huge success, we stood proudly in our Matthew22 Allerton Bywater darts shirts and threw our hearts out – despite the result we had a fantastic time and met some cracking people throughout the town of Knighton, we made very welcome everywhere we went. We have all come away with many new friends and hopefully a rivalry we can continue for many years to come”.

We would like to thank the generosity of The Plough’s team after they helped raise £600 through sales of merchandise, football cards, kind donations and through a raffle run by the owners of the Plough themselves.

If you would like more information or would like to arrange a charity match against the Matthew22 Allerton Bywater darts team please contact through:

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